Greg Johnson, Chris Chittick, Ricky Forbes are the Tornado Hunters.

Outfitted with dented hockey helmets, blast-proof goggles, their souped-up truck Flash and the best satellite and camera equipment money can buy, they target the biggest, baddest tornadoes in North America. Greg’s built his passion into a business, and he needs to get one-of-a-kind footage to keep it running. All that’s standing in their way is the weight of their families’ worries, the real responsibilities of being first responders, and the bone-rattling realities of aiming themselves right at the 300 mile-per-hour winds of nature at its worst.

From Regina to Mexico, there’s nowhere they won’t go as they risk life, limb and a lot of windshields to chase their passion for the world’s worst weather.  If that also means playing hillbilly poker six miles outside Nowhere, Texas and eating five-pound steaks on the side of the highway, then bring it on.

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