First Day of School

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12 years ago as we sent our youngest Carter to school as I came to work I put my thoughts down to paper and have shared those feeling on air ever since. As I read it today on air it’s our last “first day of school” as he starts grade 12. It hasn’t gotten any easier on his Mom or Dad…maybe even tougher…

Today life changed forever
in our quiet 3 bedroom home
Cause our baby boy went to school
For the first time on his own

His Mom spent hours getting him ready
for this very special day
Everything now has his name on it
cause it’s supposed to be that way

Like a pre game speech from the Coach
all the things that he should abide
Son always say please and thank you
and remember don’t take a pee when your outside

I do feel sorry for his Mom today
I see it in her forced smile
She’s not quite ready to give him up
Can’t he stay her baby for a while?

Mom’s had his heart entirely
for the last 5 years
and now she has to share him
that’s caused some hidden tears

She knows its part of life
and he’ll make her oh so proud
but today she’s not that excited
and I guess that Mom’s allowed

Others wonder why isn’t she happy
it’s time for relaxation mode
but she sits all day by the window
waiting for his bus to come down the road

Chris Scheetz Morning Co Host CISN COUNTRY 103.9


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