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We are so close to the Big Valley Jamboree now that I can almost taste it. Three days until the big kick-off party and then BVJ will be fully underway.

Every year, BVJ see’s lots of new comers, and like any new festival goer, they want to know what to expect! So I’ll do my best to give you some tips.

For the Camper’s

If you’re camping out all weekend, camping probably isn’t new to you. Like you would on most camping trips making sure to bring all your kitchen stuff, food, and extra toilet paper. Keep in mind when you’re cooking in your trailer (or using any other power sources in your trailer) there are no power hook-ups at BVJ. So keep that in mind when you’re planning meals.

There is a midway at BVJ, so you don’t necessarily need to plan every meal while you’re away. There’s definitely opportunities to indulge in their delicious midway food. There’s lots of options.

If you’re camping you can bring in your own drinks (alcoholic or not). Again, there are opportunities all over the grounds to buy a cold beverage too. Keep in mind though, some campsites are quite a ways from the concert bowl. Indulging in a beverage on your walk to the concert on a hot day absolutely sounds like a good idea, but unless you’re drinking water or pop, it’s really not. BVJ security does not allow you to walk on the many dirt roads they have while consuming alcohol. It’s for all of our safety.

It’s going to be a hot weekend, bringing lots of bottled water would definitely be a good idea. There’s not a lot of shade at BVJ, and we wouldn’t want you not feeling well due to dehydration. Stay hydrated!

I mentioned toilet paper above. Bring whatever you need for your trailer and then some. Just in case. There are many, many port-a-potties all over the grounds, but as the busy days go on sometimes the TP runs out. It’s just better to be safe than sorry.

A lot of trailers don’t have showers. If you’re not willing to go the entire weekend without showering, BVJ has got you covered. They do have public showers on site. I don’t know much about them as I’ve never used them, but they are there for you to use.

Bug spray! Out in the fields where everyone camps can get pretty buggy sometimes. Some years worse than others. On the bad mosquito years every store in Camrose has run out of bug spray. Stock up before you hit the road!

Day Passes (and Camper’s too)

Some of you bought passes only for certain days, or maybe just one day. That’s great too! Spending the day at BVJ, you will need to pack a few things. You people camping should listen up here too!

It looks like it’s going to be around 26 and 27 degrees this weekend. HOT!! Do not forget the sunscreen. I mentioned above there’s not a lot of shade at BVJ so you’ll need sun protection. Sunglasses and hats are always a good idea too. We don’t want anyone suffering heat stroke before the headliner goes on stage.

It does tend to cool down at night so bringing a sweater or light jacket isn’t a bad idea. If you don’t want to carry it around all day there are lockers on site to store some of your things in.

I mentioned above to the campers, there’s lots of delicious food on the midway to indulge in and a few neat little shops too. Don’t forget to bring some cash if you plan on purchasing anything. There are a few different beer gardens around too. You will not be able to bring in your own alcohol.

Comfy footwear is always a good idea too. Last year I wore flip flops all day. I was fine for most of the day, but by the time early evening rolled around the bottoms of my feet were soooo sore from walking on gravel all day. We also did a TON of walking. You may not do that much, but sore feet are never fun.

Usually the bugs aren’t too bad on the midway and in the concert bowl. If you’re one of those people that bugs just love to bite, then maybe some bug spray is a good idea. OR (I learned this on Pinterest) you can rub a Bounce dryer sheet on your skin and then put it in your pocket. It does a pretty good job of keeping the bugs away. I do this all the time. It works!

Most importantly, do not forget your passes to get into Big Valley Jamboree. You must be wearing your appropriate bracelet(s) that coincide with the days to get in. There are also a few “bracelet” checks inside the gates. Just put ’em on before you arrive and you don’t have to worry about losing them or anything like that while you’re attending BVJ.

Ok, this part is actually most important…HAVE FUN!!!! Scream lots! Sing a long! Make some new friends and play safe!!


For all things BVJ, visit bigvalleyjamboree.com

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