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Last night at Rexall was magical, unbelievable, and outstanding. Last night, this girls dream finally came true. Not only did I FINALLY get to see Blake Shelton in concert, but I got to meet him too!!!!

I was bouncing off the walls ALL DAY! The man and I got to Rexall over an hour early because I would be totally panicked if we were even close to possibly being late. The closer we got to 7:30 the more excited and more nervous I got. I was about to meet Blake Shelton!!!!

As we were standing in the meet and greet line among other radio programmers and fans, I was clearly the one who would lose it first. Blake walked into the room and I was nearly in tears. Just seeing him in real life pushed me right over the edge into severe fan-girl mode! I almost needed a paper bag to breath into.

When it was my turn to meet him, all I could say was “Hi Blake Shelton, I’m Steph!” We shook hands, took a picture. He signed a really cool poster I bought at the merch booth. Then my man popped in for a picture with all of us together. He told Blake I worked in the music dept at the radio station and we high fived. I still couldn’t say anything. Blake thanked us both for coming and I’m not even sure if real works came out of my mouth.

We left the room, and in the hallway, in front of several security guards, I squealed and did some sort of wild funky chicken dance. I was waiting to have an outburst like that all day. I was SOOOO HAPPY!!!!

The show was equally amazing!!! He fired out all the hits, the crowd was wild, he was so funny, and humble. Even the ol’ cowboy hat and mullet made an appearance. Hilarious! He also explained he was ready to sing a song him and Miranda wrote about his brother who passed away years ago. Miranda recorded “Over You” because Blake didn’t think he’d be able to, and he definitely wouldn’t be able to perform it every night. The crowd had all their phone flashlights on for the song, and personally I could not even make it through a single chorus without turning into a blubbering mess. That’s what I love about country music. It makes you feel!

Between the meet and greet and the hour and a half long show, the whole evening felt so fast! We blinked and it was over. But man, what an incredible evening! This is definitely something I’ll remember (and brag about) forever!!!! :) :) So happy!!!! <3


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