Watch: Reba “Pray for Peace”

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Watch: Reba "Pray for Peace"

This week Reba McEntire released a new song and video via her website and social media pages. It’s called “Pray for Peace” and Reba says it came to her last summer as she was walking around her place in Gallatin, Tennessee. She wrote on her website, “For days I’d sing, “Pray for Peace”, over and over. It wasn’t until several months later did the other parts start to fall in place. Some, not until we got into the studio to record it.”

The songstress says she’s never worked on a song for as long as she did on this one and it just kept growing. It went from having a bass drum, fiddlers and guest singers, to adding in more instruments including a bagpipe and an entire choir.

“It’s an act of perseverance, prayer, hope, fellowship and mostly love.”

Watch Pray for Peace Here!

Other artists are getting on board with Reba’s message. Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman and their two young daughters posted their own “Pray for Peace” video, complimenting Reba”s. While there’s no official word if the song will be on a new album, Ronnie Dunn posted on his Facebook page, “No record label knew what to do with it, so she made it an online thing.”

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