Kickin’ It Old School

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Kickin' It Old School

It was a busy week last week in my world. The weekend was pretty much the same. So on Saturday night the boyfriend and I decided to stay in, hang out, and kick it old school a little bit.

I brought over my Playstation 2 which has been packed away for a few years (the boyfriends son referred to it as “ancient”) and busted out Guitar Hero! Remember when Guitar Hero came out? It was dang near impossible to get your hands on it. I haven’t played in at least 5 or 6 years, but we decided it would be a lot of fun to play one night.

WELL, I don’t know how many songs and FOUR HOURS later (and a few profanities), it’s 2am, our fingers are stuck in “claw” position. We were stuck on ONE difficult song and decided to try again in the morning. We literally woke up, had breakfast and started playing. Three more tries later we finally pass the song and pass the whole darn game! Talk about Guitar Hero nerds.

That was Guitar Hero III we were playing and the boyfriend actually went out today and bought Guitar Hero II so we could go on another world tour and conquer some new songs. I fear I may have created a monster. A fun monster that is!

I love going back into the past sometimes and digging out old things you used to love! What were some of your favorite games to play growing up?


PS Below is a video of a kid playing GH on EXPERT!! I don’t even know how that’s possible. We can hardly keep it together on medium! Wow!

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