K Days Slingshot Challenge!!!

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Most of us feel hungry and have options. Tim Hortons or Subway? Cactus Club or Original Joe’s? Salad or a sandwich? It’s hard to face the reality that there are people on our community that go hungry EVERY. DAY.

PLEASE help us put food in the bellies of kids in need by clicking HERE and donating to Corus Feeds Kids. Hey, it’s tax deductible!! Any denomination that you are able to give, we appreciate the generosity SO much, we’re willing to make complete fools of ourselves…

For every $200 that we raise for this wonderful cause, Clayton & I will ride the slingshot at K-Days 1 time.

That’s right, the slingshot, as in that giant ball that gets shot into the air. Seems like fun, right? Did I mention that Clayton is *ahem* afraid of heights and¬†gets motion sickness?? We think this is a viral video waiting to happen! Every penny that gets donated adds up and helps this wonderful cause. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for any donation you can make!!!