Brett Eldredge Swims with Sharks

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Brett Eldredge definitely has an adventurous side. When “Don’t Ya” hit #1 he celebrated by going skydiving. Recently, “Beat of the Music” also went #1, so what did he decide to do? Well, go swimming with sharks of course!

Brett tells PEOPLE, “It’s so hard to get to the top of the charts, you push yourself so much, it feels like you should push a little further to celebrate once you do. I like to push myself to live life to the fullest.”

He says getting past the fear of breathing underwater was the first step. “But when you get to the bottom it’s so peaceful and quiet. Our second dive was to this beautiful old shipwreck, and sharks were everywhere. The people who ran it told us the sharks are curious and would be swimming all around, but respect them and be smart and we’d be fine. I decided right away to be smart!”

The hit-maker also told PEOPLE that this day was the best day of his life!

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