Cover art revealed for Kenny Chesney’s new album

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Little by little we are being introduced to the results of Kenny Chesney’s year off from the road, time spent focusing on his music.

We already know that Kenny’s upcoming 15th studio album will be called The Big Revival and is due for release September 23rd.  You’re also likely not a stranger to the lead single from the album, “American Kids” – a song praised for how unique it is, especially when compared to Kenny’s previous work.  Now if you’ve seen the music video for “American Kids”, you’ve also been introduced to the album cover!


You’re right! That is the bus from the video, which by the way…Kenny helped to paint himself!  Speaking again for the music video for “American Kids”, check it out below!

While he isn’t on the road this year, Chesney did play the final stop on George Straits Cowboy Rides Away Tour and recently released details on a special one-off beach concert called Flora-Bama Jam! Read more here. 

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