Radio Host Gets “Fighting Side” of Kip Moore During Interview

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Radio Host Gets "Fighting Side" of Kip Moore During Interview

Kip Moore is already fighting the ongoing battle of ticket scalpers. He’s already dialed back his costs on production, among other things, to make tickets more affordable for all his fans. “I’m trying to make an affordable ticket and then all of a sudden these scalpers find out that it’s a hot show and that they’re selling out fast. They have ways and means with their computer system to get tickets quicker than anybody else and you’re telling me that’s okay after all the work I’ve done over all the years to finally get to this position.”

“My dad … I grew up going to Braves games and we could afford to sit in the high seats, which we never could now, the way we grew up. But what a release that was for a blue-collar family to go and do that together.”

Kip recently had a Twitter battle with a so-called “fan” over scalping his tickets. He then was invited to join ESPN radio host Jeff Thurn to discuss the matter, but the host rubbed him the wrong way. “You were walking on the fightin’ side of me pretty fast with that. I realize that’s your job and I’m trying to stay calm with this whole interview.” Kip says Jeff’s opinions were simply a “PR move”.

The singer despises scalpers; the radio host says scalping is “completely legal,” and a “legitimate business.”

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