Garth Brooks is back!!!

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Garth Brooks is back!!!

Garth Brooks set the country music world on fire earlier this morning with a live press conference via his website

Make sure you’re sitting down, take a deep breath….because he is back!

Garth announced a number of things this morning, including a deal with Sony to release a new cd!  You can expect a “double album” from Brooks to be released sometime near Black Friday in the United States as in Garth’s words he has “a lot to say”.  His last studio album was Scarecrow, released back in 2001.  Also, for the first time, Garth’s catalogue will enter the digital realm, with his music being available for download in some form from his website in the next few weeks.

In addition to the new cd, today Garth confirmed the rumoured world tour with the first round of dates to be announced later in July.  Speculation says the tour itself may take 2-3 years, so we’re hopeful it’ll make a few stops up here in Canada!

The emotional Brooks also addressed the cancellation of his comeback shows in Ireland during the 45 minute press conference, saying he’d do all he could to make it up to those affected.  Garth also addressed all of his fans, thanking you for letting him raise his children and stating how humbled he was that you waited for his return to what he called the second half of his career!

I have no shame in admitting just how long I’ve waited for this news from Garth…neither should you! So check out the video of Garth performing “Shameless” alongside Billy Joel in New York last year!


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