Kip Moore Challenges “Jerk” Fan via Twitter

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Artists are becoming more vocal these days about scalpers. And that’s great! Garth Brooks does everything he can to keep scalpers away, and making his ticket prices as low as possible so all his fans can see his shows. Eric Church has also recently been very vocal about how much he hates scalpers. Now Kip Moore is on the vocal “scalper hating” train as well.

I generally frown upon causing drama on social media, but I really like how Kip Moore challenged this jerk of a guy over Twitter. I wonder if this guy will actually try and show up for the meet and greet. Kip seems like a tough guy and I’m not sure I’d want to mess with him. That, and he’s also on tour with Tim McGraw right now…also a guy who’s bad side I wouldn’t want to get on! It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out..

Good on ya Kip!


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