Lessons in Life & Love from The Bachelorette June 7th

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Oh stop! Stop! Stooopppppp!!!! I actually stopped watching TB for a couple of weeks, but came back just in time for the hometown visit episode!

Andi meets Nick’s family and has a super uncomfortable conversation with Nick’s little sister Bella, where she tries to explain what having a ‘mental connection’ means. Luckily when asked about it later Bella forgets Andi’s response to every question and Nick’s giant family of 40 siblings accepts Andi with open arms.

Then it’s off to meet Chris’ family where Andi sees a tractor for the first time. ‘OMG the wheels are bigger than me!’ I don’t see Chris ending up with Andi. He’s kind of been an ‘oh yeah, that guy’ contestant for me this season….maybe the next Bachelor?

Then it’s off to meet Josh’s all-american family. One ex-pro baseball player and a younger brother facing the NFL draft. Woah. Andi seems more concerned that the focus will be on Josh’s Brother Aaron and not on her and Josh. Well yeah Andi…if someone is facing the NFL draft it makes sense that they might get more attention than you! Relax! People will pay attention to you too, calm down!

Marcus’ family visit was fairly forgettable except for the part where he dressed up a sailor and stripped for Andi one on one. Why is this happening twice on television? Was it not awkward enough the first time!?

The cast then learns about Eric Hill’s death, which-up until now I thought was handled very delicately. However, they kept teasing it every commercial break by saying ‘coming up!’…this seemed a little off-putting to me. Don’t make someone’s death into a feature to hook viewers. It happened, tell the cast, and move on IMHO.

In the end, it was Marcus’ fate that was sealed and he was given the boot :( Now Andi has her choice of Chris, Nick and Josh for the finale…who do you think will get the final rose??



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