Is Garth Back?

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Is Garth Back?

When you log onto you see his signature “g” lit up in front of several flashes of lightning (and thunder if you have your sound on). Beside the “g” it says “The wait is over…7/7″. Well that’s enough to send any Garth fan into a frenzy!

Garth Brooks obviously has a big announcement coming on July 7. Fans are keeping their fingers crossed for that world tour he’s been promising, or even new music would be great. I personally had the chance to chat with his manager, Bob Doyle, during Country Music week last September and he confirmed tour plans were in the works. Garth also announced in December he would start touring in 2014. All that’s been announced so far are the 5 shows in Dublin, Ireland later this month.

Thirteen years ago Mr. Brooks retired from the stage to focus on his family life, but promised once his youngest graduated he’d be back. Well, the youngest has now graduated high school which leaves us to believe, along with his vague hint on his website, that Garth is back!

“All my babies are fine with it, Miss Yearwood is fine with it. So now I get to do what I love to do — play music — I get to be with the person I want to be with — which is Miss Yearwood — and my children are off on their own.”

All I can say now is, hopefully all will be revealed come Monday!!! :)

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