The Band Perry Seeks Revenge After Wet-Willies

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The Band Perry Seeks Revenge After Wet-Willies

Country music artists, for the most part, are all a bunch of pranksters. We’re always hearing stories of Brad Paisley pranking his opening acts, or Carrie Underwood inserting goat screams into Hunter Hayes’ set when they played in Edmonton last year. It happens all the time, but this story sounds just a little different. The Band Perry haven’t been pranked by Blake Shelton yet, but one member did get a lot of wet-willies!

The family trio is part of Blake’s 2014 Ten Times Crazier Tour that kicked off on Friday, but prior to that, Blake was hinting there’d be shenanigans on the road, by giving Neil Perry several wet-willies.

Kimberly told CBS radio what was going on. “Well, I mean, the other night at the CMT Awards he kept giving Neil…”

“A wet willy!” The youngest brother exclaims. “Every time he passed me he’d give me a wet willy. I’m like, ‘What are you doing? We’re introducing you. Be nice to us.'”

The group agrees though that they’ll get him back. “We’re good at pestering.”

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