How Do YOU Keep Your House Cool in the Summer?

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How Do YOU Keep Your House Cool in the Summer?

Before I left for work today, I looked at my thermostat and it was 26 degrees!! That’s 26 degrees IN my house. Do I live in a greenhouse? No. But that’s what it feels like. I was very quickly melting away. This is my second summer in this particular townhouse and I still haven’t figured out the trick to get it cooled down.

My living room and bedroom windows face west. I get all that glorious sunshine beating through my windows all day long heating up the front part of my house like a sauna. Sleeping with the windows open at night does work, until there’s a torrential downpour at 5am and all that rain is now coming IN my bedroom. Ooops. But either way, later that afternoon, up goes the mercury and up goes the temperature in my house.

Fans just blow hot air around. Open windows don’t do anything during the day. I’m the girl that will stand with my head in the freezer with ice cube trays on the back of my neck to cool down. You think I’m joking…

Air conditioning is just not in my budget. Popsicles are though! So I would like to know what YOU do to try and keep your house cool in the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the nice weather, just not when it’s in my house.


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