One Year Later… Brett’s Story

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One Year Later... Brett's Story

Exactly one year ago today, I had just woken up, was checking my Facebook, and starting to see some status updates about flooding. There were a lot of them. Then I checked Twitter. There were even more updates about flooding in Southern Alberta. Updates from people I actually knew. That’s when I knew it was serious.

Trying to gather more information, my eyes were glued to my phone all day trying to find every little detail of what was going on. It really hit me as I was following a friends Twitter feed. She’s the Program Director for Sun Country in High River, and she was firing out flood updates faster than I could read them. The water is rising. The town is flooding. People are being evacuated. The radio station is being evacuated. The radio station is now completely submerged in water. That was the first moment for me when it really became real, and I started to cry.

I cried every day for almost a week. Even though I was reading and watching from over 300 kms away, I still cried. I called my BFF in Rocky Mountain House…her family lives in High River. She couldn’t get a hold of any of them. Eventually she talked to her brother, Brett, and his house was under water, but the whole family was safe. Everything after that was a blur.

This week, a year later, the Calgary Herald did a story on Brett. He’s come a long way in the past year, and even though he did lose some irreplaceable things in the flood, he remained strong and hopeful. I’m so proud of his strength and proud I’m able to share his story with you. Please click on the button below to see Brett’s story.

Brett's Story