Gord Bamford’s music headed south in time for Father’s Day

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Gord Bamford's music headed south in time for Father's Day

With six studio albums and nearly 30 singles to radio, Gord Bamford is no stranger to any country music fan in Canada.

Gord and his team have decided it’s now time to move into the uber competitive country radio market in the United States.  Kira Isabella is the most recent artist to take her music south, having signed a record deal with HitShop Records, you can read more from her website here.

With Father’s Day fast approaching(June 15th), it is the perfect time for Gord to introduce a couple of his most popular songs…and the just so happen to be dad-ballads.  Both “Little Guy” and “My Daughter’s Father” were re-released in the US yesterday(June 9th).  Gord also has a series of tour dates in the States, you can read more on those here!

Take a minute and enjoy one of the Father’s Day friendly tunes from Gord, the music video for “My Daughter’s Father” below!


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