Lessons in Life & Love from The Bachelorette June 1&2

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Sooo much wisdom to glean from this week’s special 2 night Bachelorette episode(s)!


Lesson 1:
Mmmmaybe don’t ever plan a date where you have to spend the first 4 hours getting makeup put on and having to create awkward small talk while people style you to look like you’re 80 years old. It’s been a full 24 hours since I witnessed this odd scene and I STILL can’t come to terms with what I watched. This was the strangest, most uncomfortable thing I’ve watched since having to watch American Pie with my parents. *shudder*

Lesson 2:
Lie to your potential suitors just to ‘mess with them’. Andi makes up a lie to Cody that all the other guys have told her that he has a girlfriend back home! A what!? Having a girlfriend while appearing on the The Bachelorette is a cardinal sin!! Nah, just jokes. Andi was just messing with him for the sheer enjoyment of watching him squirm. Girls like this often end up being the girls that you wake up to in the middle of the night and they’ve snuck in and been watching you sleep for the last 36 minutes.

Lesson 3:
Be a terrible sport. The guys face off in and EPIC TELEVISION BASKETBALL GAME! And when the losing team goes back to the dressing room, there is sadness like you wouldn’t believe. I think some of these guys are crying? Oh boy. There’s even a silhouette of one guy; pouting and gazing longingly at the empty court as if thinking: ‘only I coulda sunk that 3-pointer’. Why are they so sad? They get to go home to a mansion and drink beer. #FirstWorldBachelorGroupDateProblems

Lesson 4:
Do not be honest. Eric tells Andi that he came here for a ‘real person, not a tv actress’. And I think he’s actually on to something…
Then, Andi reacts by yelling at him, getting overly defensive, sends him home, and then yells at the other guys. (Andi, you’re proving him right. Calm down.)
Then Eric leaves, and Chris Harrison appears explaining his recent death. I actually thought the show handled this pretty well. It’s a silly show, that sucks me in and I love it, but at the end of the day, these are real people. I’m so sorry to his family for their loss, he did seem like a pretty stand up guy :)

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