Tim McGraw Scolds Fighting Fans

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Tim McGraw Scolds Fighting Fans

Tim McGraw is one of many artists who does not tolerate fighting at his shows, and he let’s you know it!

The family man caught a couple of guys fighting in front of the stage at one of his “Sundown Heaven Town” shows, near a child, and he let them know how stupid he thought the situation was. He uttered the word “stupid” several times before jumping back into his song. At the conclusion of the song is when he really spoke his mind.

Starting at about 1:40 in the video below, Tim says, “Let me tell you something. If you stupid son of a b****es don’t stop trying to fight… You, don’t be an idiot. You got a kid right here. Come on.” You can’t hear one of the men respond, but Tim continues to say “I don’t care if that’s your girl. There’s a kid right here. You’re a grown man! Don’t be an idiot and that goes for you too,” as he points to the other brawler. “Don’t be an idiot. It’s country music man. We’re having fun. We all paid good money and we all work hard so just enjoy yourself.”

As the crowd cheers, the “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” singer makes sure the two men shake hands and reconcile. “I love my job!” he says before sitting down on the stage near the men, and inviting the little girl that was close to the brawl to join him.