Reba hopes you’ll join her in a message of peace

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Reba hopes you'll join her in a message of peace

Reba McEntire is reaching out to her fans to appear in her new music video! Not only would it be super cool to brag to your friends about, but it’ll also assist Reba spread the message of peace.

“Every time I watch the news, I’m just waiting for a story with a happy ending. Unfortunately you don’t see those stories very often,” said Reba in the video below.  Now it wouldn’t be like Reba to sit idly by, saying “‘Pray for Peace’ is a song I wrote because I believe in the power of prayer.”  This is where you come in!

Reba is asking her fans to record themselves praying for peace(the hand motions she displays in the video below) and share it with the world, as it could be part of the video for the song!

The full details on what you need to be part of the message can be found on Reba’s website here!

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