Is Hunter Hayes changing the direction of country music?

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Is Hunter Hayes changing the direction of country music?


Following the release of Hunter Hayes’ album “Storyline” on Tuesday, critics took to their respective outlets suggesting that the young artist may be the cure for “party country” in a time where the charts are being dominated by such music.

“At a moment when Nashville is busy churning out bro after party-hearty bro, Hayes is an anomaly: a fresh-faced guitar prodigy who writes about his feelings and looks like he’s never cracked a beer, let alone downed one while kicking back on a rusty tailgate,” writes a reviewer from the Los Angeles Times.

Hayes credits various musical artists, from Garth Brooks to Stevie Wonder, as some of the inspiration behind his music. This would explain why his music is more reflective of the type of music that dominated the radio waves prior to the introduction of small-town tailgate party themes that are now more prevalent.

When asked about what he wanted fans to take from the new album, Hayes replied, “Every day is a story. Write it how you’d want to tell it!”

Storyline” is available now in all places that music is sold. Hear a sample of the new album below:

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